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Approach Callers & Texters Claiming to Be 元素 with Caution

New fraud attempts are surfacing that are targeting 元素 Financial members, and we want you to be aware of this scenario. Our fraud prevention teams have learned that fraudsters are texting members directly to verify credit and debit card transactions. After sending the text, a follow-up phone call from a “spoofed” 元素 phone number is common. The caller claims to be an 元素 employee within our fraud department. 在很多情况下, members might trust the fraudulent caller and proceed to release and compromise their online banking credentials, including usernames and passwords.

We value the trust you place in us to be your credit union partner for life. And we want to make every effort to raise awareness of scams and fraud that can put you, 你的朋友, and family at risk. 元素 continually takes active measures in all activities to protect your accounts from scams or fraud, 然而, every member also plays a key role in the protection of one’s own accounts.

If you receive a telephone call or a text message that claims to be from 元素, you must NEVER PROVIDE YOUR SECURE ACCESS CODES, 密码, 用户id, FULL DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, 或针 — even if the caller ID, text, or email shows "元素 Financial" as the sender.

You might receive calls, 文本, and/or emails from an automated system when we detect suspicious activity on your accounts. These calls are intended to confirm whether the transaction(s) are legitimate so appropriate measures can be taken if they are not.

元素 will never ask you for this information when calling you.

  • 利记 Passwords or User IDs
  • 利记 Secure Access Code or One-Time Passcode
  • 个人 Identification Number (PIN) for your Debit or 信用卡
  • Full 16 digits of your Debit or 信用卡 number (If you contact us first, we may ask you to verify the last four digits.)
  • Social Security Number (If you contact us first, we may ask you to verify.)
  • 成员数量 (If you contact us first, we may ask you to verify.)

When in doubt about any communication from 元素, please pause and 利记.

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